A Growing Network

Engineer Your World was developed in response to a request from the National Science Foundation to create a high-quality, low-cost, design-based engineering course that can be deployed in virtually any setting. Engineer Your World has grown from a seven-school pilot program into a robust international network serving thousands of students each year.


216 schools
24 states, District of Columbia, South Korea
10,000+ students

(partnered with NASA)
23 schools
8 states
750+ students

Engineer Your World piloted
7 schools
1 state
212 students

About Our Partner Schools

Engineer Your World courses have been successfully implemented in a diverse spectrum of schools including:

  • STEM schools, engineering academies, college preparatory schools, and comprehensive high schools;
  • Public, private, and charter schools;
  • Single-gender and mixed-gender schools;
  • Urban, suburban, and rural schools;
  • Schools serving high-, low-, and mixed-socioeconomic status students; and
  • Schools with and without large populations of English Language Learners.

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